International short films – second screening


RIAFN is a cinematic journey into the soundscape of the Alps. Idiom, song, as well as calls and commands of farmers and shepherds are condensed to create a motion picture driven by local character and rhythm. Between artistic ideal and documentarian realism, the musical portrays a utopian site detached from the compulsive speed and accessibility of communication technology saturating modern life.

The tough

The Tough carries a lot of meanings: defiant, vicious, resistant, relentless, strong, resilient, cold, hard. The film’s protagonist had a reason to choose this name for his discovery – a place he has to face where he learns about all those characteristics tangibly and literally the hard way. It stirs his imagination while abruptly and obsessively pushes him forward. The camera follows him, step by step, taking part in the exploration of the spaces never seen before, which more and more fiercely resist the delicate human matter.

Limite destinate

A short documentary exploring the mental and physical abilities of 4 extreme sport athletes who live life in a pursuit of their passions.


For this route from Ruhpolding (GER) to Kasern (ITA), 210 kilometers and more than 10000 meters of vert, recreational athletes need approximately five to seven days. Benedikt Boehm is aiming for the magic time limit of 36 hours, non-stop. The risk of complete exhaustion is very big during this project. In 2006, Beni did this same route on touring skis together with five colleagues. with the name of “Hannibal,” the six athletes broke the then-record time of three days for the route.

Professional rock climber, Kev Shields, has been faced with multiple challenges in his life – disability to his hand from birth, epilepsy, career changing injury and struggles with depression. But against the odds, he has risen to an elite level of trad climbing and soloing. Will his latest challenge prove to be his toughest yet?

The movement

No longer is running just a sport for middle-class, white males who look like they belong on the cover of Runner’s World. Fueled by social media, informal and welcoming gatherings of running clubs or “crews” have sprung up all over the world and are growing in popularity. Through its inclusiveness, running has become the great democratizer. To the beat of a thumping soundtrack, The Movement asks: What if we were able to harness the incredible sense of unity running provides? What could we fix if running united a city, a country or the world?

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